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200th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th Symphony

"I´ll seize destiny by the throat. It won't dominate me"  Ludwig van Beethoven

In 1808 Ludwig van Beethoven premiered his Choral Fantasy, an immense work prelude to the monumental Symphony number 9. This backbone of the history of music, the most dazzling and brilliant symphonic work, is celebrating its anniversary: ​​It turns 200 years old.
Symphony number 9 in D minor opus. 125 premiered in Vienna on May 7, 1824 for the glory of humanity.

I´ll not talk about the technical or biographical aspects of the Bonn genius. Many of the particularities of his life are already well known, if life did not treat him fairly – something that never ceases to surprise in his unbreakable will to serve as an example of inspiration in the face of adversity – his work was placed in the podium of history, at the milestone of genius, at the achievement of the most absolute creativity, at the interlocutor of God.

Today humanity crawls in the mud of his miserable history, with nothing to add and much to spoil. Today, where any act of genius must be stifled by the mediocrity already announced by Ortega y Gasset, Friedrich Hayek or Oswald Spengler among many others.

We heard this allegation from two centuries ago and I wonder if the majority of people today would move on after the first few seconds and bars to a viral and stupid video to exemplify his stupidity.

I know that there are virtuous children and adults, that there are people who follow the concerts, still arousing some interest in an increasingly less young audie

The future of the Ninth Symphony may, unfortunately, be the future of humanity itself: A humanity without a message to sing, without universal embrace or joy or the desired brotherhood of the people of the world. We are becoming stupid Herbert George Wells Morlocks in the darkness of ignorance.

I was not planning to write a text full of praise for this vantage point of art, there is no need to do so because there is no greater work made by man, the problem is the world we are creating: a collective order to idiotize the masses.

These anniversaries must be highlighted to the blush of the ignorant and the shame of those who do not honor all the beauty, thanks to only a few, they brought into this world.

Beethoven composed every day, against his orders and his poor health, against the critical masses and the opportunists of his own blood, a music that is the redemption and glory of Humanity.

The West must wake up and take care of the legacy of his greatness, move away from collectivist proclamations that make domesticated sheep and proclaim his works by properly training children. Make your dreams the miracles of tomorrow, and whatever destiny they lead as a profession, do not ignore the wonderful notes that travel throughout the entire Cosmos looking for the creator who made it possible for a deaf man, the one who spoke the language of God. . , he could create against everything, even against himself and his own fear and discouragement, the greatest musical work conceivable.

May God rest in his glory Ludwig van Beethoven, outstanding son of all humanity.


Francisco Sanchis Cortés

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