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Mediterranean paintings

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Art, Mediterranean paintings, Horses, Women, Impressionism, Flowers, Sea, Garden, Poetry, Oil on Canvas, Roses, Gesture, Sensitive, Mediterranean light


Mayo 2023

Francisco Sanchis Cortés

Oil on Canvas by Francisco Sanchis Cortés

Since his youth, Francisco Sanchis Cortés has shown excellent forms, in which he embodies that exquisite impressionism in subtleties, without losing the substantial accent of the image. The long brushstrokes on clothing or hair, in which the lighting shines with silky or burnished iridescence, the subtleties in the incarnations to give morphology to the refinements of female skin (a fundamental motif in his canvases) with a touch of breath lyrical. The configuration with a scenic purpose of the environment, a lively clarity, in which the luminosity and Mediterranean freshness emerges.

But nevertheless, perhaps even more interesting is the intention of the gestures, the sensitivity of the attitudes, of the looks, of the paths in intimacy, the gestures of complicity, in a story that in its pictorial entity has a lot of romanticism and sentimentality.

Antonio Gasco Sidro

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