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Not everything is in the tutorials ...

I´m too tired of the infinite tutorials that hang from the networks like Dalí's clocks, eternal and flabby ... forever dilated.

It seems that the whole answer is in the verb and the quick image of how to "bake the rice", what could be good for one thing could be harmful for something else. Well, yes, to paint you are born and then you kill yourself to work with more success or failure: But you are born.

After some classes given and because of my very "personal" nature, they advised me to make some videos to, what did I say; "By God no!"

Does anyone believe that artists reveal their secrets for the greater glory of the network? : Well no.

The artist is investigated in the observation if he wants to be observed (but never recorded)

He may be asked (if the artist or throws a pot of brushes at your head for interrupting)

But the most important thing is the intimacy of the creator with his art, only with his music and absolutely alone in the company, it is impossible otherwise and everything, absolutely everything I see are opinions of an arrogant presumption and a boundless daring to obfuscate the art lover. Art, like the person, holds secrets that die with their creator, and leave art and the artist to rest.

This world of information is legitimate; but not for everything, I don't want it either in my work, or in my house, and of course, much less in the bathroom.

And always remember Anton Chekhov:

"It is only during difficult times that people come to understand how difficult it is to own their feelings and thoughts."


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