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Run your hand over its whiteness
And you will see that snowy melody
Sprinkle flakes on your cuteness.

Repeatedly we have not asked about those abstract concepts that constitute the unknowns of the HUMAN BEING: freedom, beauty, harmony, happiness ...

Ah the beauty! In Dostoevsky's words, it will save the world. And I wonder, of what? You and I have a response commitment. Different, sincere.

Someone said that painting is the most perfect medium for manifesting the operations of the soul. Painting that I would dare to adjective "essentialist", which reveals beauty as a feast for the eyes and food for the spirit.

Francisco Sanchis Cortés, doubly an artist, for transmitting his intimate experiences in a chromatic and symphonic key. Harmony of color and sound. But I would add another key:


In your work, Francisco Sanchis Cortés, sincerity and dedication is appreciated in the search for the intimate that defines and essentializes your characters. Isn't that true, Francisco?

"The beautiful as the splendor of the true" by the Hellenic Philosopher.

All with the most refined drawing technique, sobriety of color, overall harmony, essential coordinates of any finished work.

Thank you Francisco.

Mr. Ángel Miguel de Arce López

Doctor and Professor of Art from the Autonomous University of Madrid, collaborator of the Prado Museum for conferences and member of the National Association of Art Critics. Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art Don Ángel Miguel de Arce López in Burgos
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