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Light and shade of a maverick soul
Valencia, the 30th of April 1969. Francisco is born in the bosom a family where the scent of arts, music and culture were all around. 
Alfredo Sanchis Cortés, a disciplined man, instilled him responsibility, sacrifice and love to music. As he drew, he listened to Mozart, Bach, Beethoven… his passion drawing closer and closer to Wagner and Bruckner.

Daily readings enriched his critical thinking, which he turned into words in his essays later on, when he collaborated with a number of cultural magazines.

Catalina Cortés Albertí, along with his husband, instilled him morals and a unique sensibility that would soon be brought to his paintings.
Countless hours of rigorous anatomy, composition, colour theory and proportion study, helped by his massive knowledge of opera, composers, ballet, musical pieces… and an restless mind which never stops learning, gifted with an overflowing imagination which, from time to time, eats up his energy. Whatever it takes for the sake of art, beauty, dreams and music.

Pictures depicting heros, beautiful women, full of life horses… and yet dragons, nightmare monsters and gloomy and full of distrought scenes being screamed by the very painter’s soul while he listens to voices and music composed not only to be just heard.
Solitude, sacrifice and social isolation due to incomprehension… It’s nothing a lot of artists, that struggle to render what they carry within, no matter trends and fleeting theories, haven’t ever felt. 

Thanks to Francisco it is possible to experience Leonardo’s perfection, valencian José de Ribera, “El Espagnoletto’s" tenebrism a pre-Raphaelite symbolism that recalls us Dante Gabriel Rossetti, metaphysical romanticism reminding us of Caspar David Friedrich, Sorolla’s mediterranian sunshine and Edward Hopper’s realism. 


The painter, however, shows us a style of his own that, even though it relays on masters that lived inthe past, and yet unfolds a new, present dimension, pointing to different directions as to XXI century art history.

These are the light and shade of someone who stands out from the rest: a single being that interacts with the world outside by means of his works. Just a way to convey his dreams to a public who won’t be left untouched.

Estela Boal Cerezo

Estela Boal Cerezo is a plastic artist and musical performer, born in Segovia and adopted by Arandina. Daughter of the also painter Higinio Boal García (DEP). He studied Viola and Piano at the Valladolid Conservatory. His painting, of figurative character and with an original symbolism, has derived mainly towards the genre of the portrait.
Use different techniques such as pastel, oil, watercolor, acrylic, gouache with ink. Being the observation of nature and of the figures its reference in this long learning that is art.
She's Director of the Artári Gallery

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