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The remarkable artistic legacy of Francisco Sanchis Cortés
The work of Francisco refers us to another dimension. The quality of his works reflects a constant evolution in artistic performance, which is synonymous with the sociological understanding of various realities. Feminine sensuality, maternal instinct, imaginary, history, music, portraiture and mythology are present and constant themes, characterized by an enormous pictorial quality, which is the result of lifelong learning. The scenarios of intimacy and a certain melancholy reveal the sensitivity of the artist and his cultural background.
Traveling through his artistic production leads us to an intense journey through scenarios of pure poetry and mystery, in which forms and colors gain a life of their own, through the characters and contents portrayed. They are the ideal setting to perpetuate thoughts. That is, art in the pure state.

These are well-defined concepts, designed and created intentionally for a wide audience, illustrating a set of cultural, social and natural values. The messages conveyed by his works express an intense concern with themes that are always present, reflected in the diffusion of ethical and moral values, which accompany in a permanent way and that are the reflection of daily life experiences.
The richness and diversity of the topics covered reveal a constant search for knowledge. They are not restricted to a particular context and have a rather comprehensive character, which makes their work universal. It is this exceptionality that opens the way to new interpretations, objective and subjective about the potential of its legacy. They are images that captivate us, in a surprising way, through a pure and genuine vision, in which all the details count.

The best of each of us only makes sense when it is shared. It is from this assumption that we can better understand the excellent artistic quality of the painter and the way he has grasped the reality that surrounds him.

The aesthetic value and the diversity of contents are decisive aspects, which translate into an almost unreal beauty that transports us to other times and places. Contemplating and enjoying your work provides unique moments that will be forever engraved in our memories. And it will be perhaps the greatest of its charms. Also through it we can know better historical episodes, almost rescued from the lost memories of a time that has not stopped. It is impossible to remain indifferent to the quality present in his vast artistic production.

Emphasizing our emotions, traveling through this true cultural heritage, allows us to assimilate a set of ideas that are part of our common identity, present in European civilizational matrices. The vast participation in exhibitions and cultural initiatives is also a consequence of the invaluable value of his works. It is this magnificence that arises in a subliminal way, sometimes even difficult to describe, given the present intensity. It assumes itself as a spectacle of beauty that puts us in a position of privileged spectators, to be able to enjoy such a rich set of works. The incredible inspiration in the creative artifice always emerges in each of them, providing a total unpredictability of feelings

All these evidenced virtues are assumed as an incentive for the continuity of their work and as a sign of the relevant symbolism present in their vast and sophisticated artistic production.
In short, the work of Francisco has the capacity to make us dream, in an increasingly unjust and unequal world ...
Tiago Passão Salgueiro 
Assistant Curator en Fundação da Casa de Bragança


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