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"The creative restlessness of a painter who was born an artist"

What distinguishes the work of Francisco Sanchis Cortés is its great expressive force and a very personal way of turning the intimate on stage; his painting offers us a new look, following the postulates of Valencian impressionism; highlighting, in addition to the mastery of technique, the sensuality and elegance of the Mediterranean woman.

His paintings are scenes of illuminated spaces; a poetic universe where he represents women in her most intimate moments; knowing how to highlight her femininity through insinuating brushstrokes, defining that light that bathes the white dresses of her, shining through her forms marked by a clear palette; and a personal combination of greens, blues, ocher, pastel pinks and whites that attenuate the color scheme.

Francisco Sanchis Cortés carries the art of good painting in his veins, his childhood and youth memories pass between easels and brushes, he inherited the school of two great painters; his father, Alfredo Sanchis Cortés, a great watercolorist, and his uncle González Alacreu, two institutions of Valencian art; From these two masters he learned from a very young age to give his first brushstrokes and later to forge his technique as a painter and as an excellent portraitist, making Sorolla's deep legacy his own; But like any good creator, in his pictorial walk his painting led to an impressionism of his own and renewed style, a sober, romantic and narrative impressionism, a style that distinguishes his work from others.

He has exhibited since 1995, his exhibition career is developed with great success in Spain, France, USA, Mexico, England, Belgium, Holland and Germany. He currently has several artistic projects; one of them already completed, where Francisco Sanchis Cortés interprets the opera through his painting; an exceptional collection of great perceptual intensity, which also becomes an intellectual work by the artist by offering us his conceptual and emotional vision of the operatic genre. Music and Painting share space in a great historical special edition book in which he reveals his love for these two arts and the search for new languages ​​where he can deepen his expressive qualities. Francisco Sanchis Cortés manages to capture that wonderful spiritual energy that opera imposes, manages to transmit the drama, the emotion of its characters and relive that great visual and sound experience that renews emotions.

In short, we can say that this beautiful collection reaffirms his pictorial virtues and his sources of creativity; his work is nourished by poetry, music, illustration, scenography and possibly later, cinema; when the painter with deep knowledge about the history and evolution of the seventh art tells us about his other passion; and it is that Francisco Sanchis Cortés feels that need to transfer his painting to these different artistic manifestations, but without losing his roots. It is the creative restlessness of a painter who was born an artist.


Judith Cuba


Judith Cuba Pérez- Art Critic and Advisor, Cultural Heritage Manager, Expert in Contemporary Graphic Work, Art Curator and Gallery Owner.

She is a graphic illustrator, painter, draftsman, fashion designer and develops the technique of engraving. She has studies in Appraisal and Appraisal, Cataloging, Management and Art Curation at the Higher Institute of Art of Madrid, Title of Manager of Cultural Heritage from Columbus International Business School and Diploma in Cultural Manifestations, Museums, Marketing of the Arts and The Communication from the University of Valencia.

She directed the Artefuendetodos Gallery (Zaragoza), led the Management and Assessment Department of the Grup d ’Art Escolá and the direction of the Salduba Art gallery in Zaragoza.

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