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Rise of the Valkyries - Wagner, Francisco Sanchis Cortés, Pictures, Art, Painter, Artistic Painter

"All his works breathe the force of music"

Sometimes, walking near the Chancellery of the Monaco Embassy, ​​I was attracted by romantic works from a showcase in the Puerta de Alcalà gallery. I did not know that shortly afterwards I would have the good fortune to meet the author of such works, the painter Francisco Sanchis Cortés.

Francisco Sanchis Cortés is a master in the art of transferring poetry and joy to his paintings as well as battles and dramas.

Romantic when he recounts the daily lives of young women always bathed in soft and warm lights shared with the illustrious Valencian teacher, Joaquín Sorolla.

Dramatic in the description of lyrical dramas in a cold light but rich in tones from which the fiery gods come out.

Romantic or violent, all of his works breathe the force of music.

Speaking of techniques, Sanchis Cortés has a brush as deft as the baton of an orchestra conductor or the baton of a military commander when he brilliantly illustrates lyrical operas.

But the music always emanates.

I am extremely fortunate to possess the Valkyrie. I don't know how such force and movement can be contained within the framework of this painting, but Wagner's notes escape unbridled and forcefully from the color, convulsing the clouds, tearing them to give way to the Valkyries. Behind the canvas Odin is felt waiting to resurface.


Thanks Francisco.


Monaco Ambassador


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